Project Description
A port of the 2003 Stock Ticker developed by Scott Vintinner. Allows for users to select custom stocks to display.

Scott Vintinner created what I consider to be one of the best webparts for 2003. It was the stock quote webpart. It showed stocks, graphs, and even allowed for users to select their own custom stocks to follow that only they would see.

I recently ported his code for 2007 and I am making it available with his permission. My part in this project was extremely small.

New Version For MOSS

I have posted a new version of the ticker for MOSS only. It leverages the user profiles to store the stock ticker preferences making it much easier for users to select which stocks to watch directly from the Web Part itself. This Web Part will NOT work with WSS as it needs the profile service.

For WSS Users

Download This Version Which Works With MOSS And WSS

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